Backup of o365 Sharepoint cloud data, ideas/considerations?

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Looking for feedback on what products to consider for o365 sharepoint cloud backup of working data and backend?

What input on most important things to consider when weighing options, conventions and gotchas?

Thank you.
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

A good backup program will allow you to restore single file versions, a full user if accidentally deleted, and fit your budget given your use case (charge per user or per gb, etc...). One of the simplest and least expensive options I’ve seen is backupify. Super easy to setup.
The article All you need to know about email backup in Office 365 gives a good overview of factors you should consider when choosing a good Office 365 backup solution.
When it comes to SharePoint Online in particular, it is crucial for the software to be secure, include a good search & restore mechanism. Here is a good example: CodeTwo Backup for Office 365
Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016
There is too many products out there, some are cloud offering that you don't own the storage, some have offering that you come up with the storage. Each of them meet different requirement
Some product such as Avepoint, Skykick backup, Veeam Backup, and etc  but there is a lot lot more.

Further there is also a discussion on to backup or Not to backup
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Eventually if you need one, just make a decision that meet your requirement and budget.



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