What settings to override on fresh install of SQL Server 2016?

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What settings to override on fresh install of SQL Server 2016?

I am installing this BEFORE I install Visual Studio Professional 2017 so that the Visual Studio installer will not try and install SQL Server for me. But I want to be sure I install SQL Server exactly correctly.

What questions will the installer ask me which might require me to change the default settings?

I would like to be armed with all the answers before I start the installation. My worry is that I may need to make an error and then need to uninstall SQL Server, which is not a good place to be.

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Senior Developer
So you want to setup a development workstation?

1) Start with your OS and common tools. Image it.
2) Installing VS Studio with your components and features. Image it.
3) Install SQL Server Developer.

The problem is VS: there are components, which install SQL Server Express.. thus create images and do some trail and error.

But the important thing is: do you plan to use privilege separation or not?
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


I realized I will get these two discussions crossed. So, here is the one where I talk about my UPDATED plan to only install SSMS.


I do not have plans for any imaging or additional backups. This is a work PC and those things are out of my scope.

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