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What settings to override on fresh install of SQL Server 2016?

What settings to override on fresh install of SQL Server 2016?

I am installing this BEFORE I install Visual Studio Professional 2017 so that the Visual Studio installer will not try and install SQL Server for me. But I want to be sure I install SQL Server exactly correctly.

What questions will the installer ask me which might require me to change the default settings?

I would like to be armed with all the answers before I start the installation. My worry is that I may need to make an error and then need to uninstall SQL Server, which is not a good place to be.

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I realized I will get these two discussions crossed. So, here is the one where I talk about my UPDATED plan to only install SSMS.'s-for-Visual-Studio-SQL-Server-installation-files.html?headerLink=workspace_open_questions

I do not have plans for any imaging or additional backups. This is a work PC and those things are out of my scope.