Unable to add printer to restricted profile

Andrew N. Kowtalo
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Hey guys I am attempting to add a printer to a windows profile that is locked down by GPO in windows 7 Pro.   Anytime I try to click on add printer I get the following error.
This operation has been cancelled to restrictions in effect on this computer.  Please contact your system administrator.

I thought I could be slick and give the domain login local admin rights hoping it would over ride this policy but it didnt.   How can I get a printer added to this profile without having to mess around with GPO?  I have the domain UN and PW and it works just fine obviously because there is no restriction on that profile.   Do I need to give the domain login domain admin membership temporarily to fix it and then remove it again?
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Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center Engineer


Nevermind I solved it I just moved the login out of a restricted OU into a non restricted and it work.  I will now move it back to restricted.
Support Center Engineer
Move login out of restricted oU

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