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Redirect emails from terminated employee to another employee.

JamesNT asked
Exchange 2013.

An employee has left the company.  We have disabled her account in Active Directory.  
We need all emails coming in to her address to be redirected to another employee.  How do we do this?

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yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

You can setup a transport rule or setup forwarding on the user account.

Transport rule steps:

Forwarding to another mailbox steps:
Assistant Vice President\Network Manager
There are a couple of ways to do this.  

1. The easiest, yet least efficient method, is to give the user you want to receive the departed employees email an email alias the same as the departed employees old email address.  

2. enable the departed employee's account and set up a rule to forward all email to the alternate employee.  This one has it's own drawbacks that would make it only slightly less efficient as #1

3. Set up a rule in the exchange server that all email addressed to a specific email address should be delivered to a different email address.  this can be done a couple of ways as well.  

  a. set up a blind carbon copy (Bcc) - still ends up in the original recipients mailbox.
  b. grant full access permissions to the remaining employee to the departed employee through mailbox delegation and then add the departed employees mailbox to the remaining employees Outlook (guessing you use Outlook as the client).  this requires that the departed employee account be enabled while you add the mailbox to the remaining employee then it can be disabled again.


Thank you.
yo_beeDirector of Information Technology


What method did you end up using ?
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

While I appreciate the credit I have to agree with yo_bee that I offered several options, some with out a lot of detail, on how it could be done.  If you opted to use one of those options then it would be appreciated if you identified which one for individuals that may research this question in the future due to a similar issue.

Overall I am glad that your issue is resolved though.