Max Mailbox Size Restriction for Outlook for Mac

SupermanTB used Ask the Experts™
I am using Outlook on a Mac OSX and my email mailbox size has grown to 47GB.  I have increased my mailbox online to accommodate a mailbox larger than 50GB+, but I was curious if I was going to run into mailbox size restrictions in Outlook similar to a Windows machine.  If so, is there a way to increase this max mailbox size?

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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You likely won't hit size restrictions.

And best to remember, if you're actually using a mailbox that's a mbox single file, large mbox files can easily become corrupt + if they do, then recovery may be very time consuming.

Best to only use IMAP servers for large amounts of mail, so each message lives in it's own file.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

I have increased my mailbox online to accommodate a mailbox larger than 50GB+

Are you using Office 365?
Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology Consultant
IF you are using Exchange and connecting to it via outlook then you are good to go.  your OST file will grow as needed.  I have not heard of mailbox size restrictions using exchange and MAC.  
However, you should look into some sort of archiving solution to reduce size as just because it is not documented does not mean that an issue MAY exist and just not been found yet.
Outlook 2016 for Mac places the files in ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/  The data is referenced via Outlook.sqlite and the messages and message attachments are actually split up into individual files under Message Attachments and Messages.  You actually don't have quite the same problem as a monolithic PST or OST file, but you do have different problems.

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