how can I create ID inserts for a Radio Shack Duofone 16?

Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I have recently purchased a vintage Radio Shack Duofone 16 and wish to create ID inserts for it.  That said, could someone help get me started with some ideas for accomplishing this goal?  I also would like to create the ID inserts using a font which matches as closely as possible to a typewriter font.   A picture of this phone along with corresponding ID inserts next to each of the one touch dialing buttons is provided.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Carefully measure the insert areas and the spacing between them.  Then create a table in Word (or whatever word processor you prefer) with the correct dimensions for each cell.  This will probably take three or four iterations to get the cell sizing right, as 0.01" error in one cell turns into a tenth of an inch error over ten cells.

Attached is an example of the same sort of thing.  This one is used for producing inserts for multi-cell parts boxes.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
And then there are lots of free fonts you can use

Like this ...
George your question has created interesting queries.

Exactly what does a typewriter font look like?
Courier M.
A version of the classic Courier font, Courier M is a typewriter typeface, designed by Howard Kettler in 1956.

And there are others. Here are the top 15 typewriter fonts:

I actually acquired a free typewriter from CL and if I had your phone I'd use an old fashioned typewriter for my ID cards.
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GMartinAuthor Commented:
With respect to paper, are there any recommendations for this or will any standard inkjet or laser printer paper be fine?


You can buy card stock thick but thin enough to be accepted by home printers. Get your own printer ready to print something and look under "paper types" and you'll see plain, photo, etc.
Office Depot or Office Max would sell you a sheet of card stock for maybe 20 cents a piece.

This way your inserts are heavy stock and won't tend to bend when you try to insert them into the slots like paper might bend.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone :-)

            Thank you very much for the feedback given here in response to my question.  At this point, I do have two followup questions.  First of all, how can I create a table within Microsoft Word 2013 for the ID inserts as suggested by Dr. Klahn?  And, secondly, could someone provide a direct online purchase link for the paper needed to print out the inserts after they are precisely created using a table within Microsoft Word 2013?  

Stacy RichardDirector of Member Experience  Commented:
With the small number of inserts needed if you have them laid out on Word you only need 1 sheet of heavy card stock suitable for use with home printers. Office Depot and others often have a paper cutter so you could print the inserts you need on one sheet of card stock and cut them yourself. If you desire a template for them you may find them on the internet somewhere. At the moment I'm not able to search for suitable templates.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            Thank you, everyone, for being so thorough with respect to addressing my question.  Given the wide variety of creative ideas to entertain, I am confident I will be able to complete this personal project by borrowing from each advisor's suggestions.  

            Thanks again.

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