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How to configure BIND to store slave zone files in different directory than /var/named (like /var/named/slaves)

I have a Bind installation setup on CentOS7 which is receiving slave files from a master server via RNDC.  Everything is working, however each slave file which is created is done so in the /var/named directory.  I would prefer they get kept in the /var/named/slaves directory.  Is there an easy way to change my named.conf file so that slaves are stored in a different directory than the /var/named?
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I understand how to use includes to point to config files, but in this case the config file is created via RNDC by a master server and its zones are automatically placed in the root /var/named directory.  I would prefer that the zones which are created by RNDC from the master get placed in the /var/named/slaves directory, but there is nowhere in the named.conf to tell where to place zones created by the "allow_new_zones=yes" switch in that file as far as I can tell?
slightly more creative:

create a directory structure like:


and base all zones that ARE DECLARED as:

file "../pri/whaiteverprimary"
file "../slave/whateverslave"

Dan komen alle rndc zones in de andere directory .
De bekende zones eerst een omhoog en dan weer omlaag..

Andere oplossing de juiste locatie opgeven aan rndc:
rndc addzone '{ type master; file "rndc/"; };'