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Trying to remove split tunneling from Cisco ASA, need guidance/help

Currently we have a Cisco ASA 5512-x and we have split tunneling for VPN. Due to issues it's causing for many of our devs at home (they need to vpn into our network then route over to aws), we want to remove split tunneling.

  1. How do I go about removing split tunneling?
  2. Are there any got chas that I need to look out for? Will this potentially break routing anywhere else?

I don't have a deep understanding of networking, but I am comfortable getting into the Cisco ASA and making configuration changes.
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Split tunneling is normally a function of the client application (not the VPN router). There is normally a setting for that in the client app (I use NCP Secure Entry).

For the Cisco client app, I found this. Quote:

"Choose Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > Group Policies, and choose the Group Policy in which you want to enable local LAN access. ...
Click Split Tunneling"

Now, since this is a client app setting, make sure you need to disable split tunneling. That has nothing to do with the ability to router somewhere else in the network.

Can you talk to AWS directly?
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as others noted..

how did you configure the vpn?
change to sercureall

note you may have to do additional configuration to allow vpn connecting users access through the vpn out.

not sure why the developers connect to their internal system via the vpn connection eliminating all this..

it will on the developer side, all they will be able to access when the VPN is establish is what you allow.
How are you getting on?
also do not forget to allow the sslvpn ip range to nat to the outside to permit the users internet access when needed.
this is most time required when using tunnel all