Need a simple Visual Studio jQuery test environment

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Need a simple Visual Studio jQuery test environment.

I expect to be working in Visual Studio on a project which will involve Angular, Kendo UI and jQuery. So I need to set up a simple Visual Studio test environment where I can play around with some of the more complex jQuery commands.

What is the best way to do this in Visual Studio? I feel like I need a solution with an HTML file and a folder that contains jQuery. But feel free to suggest a few steps that can get me to that point.

And please include the steps to get jQuery installed. I assume that is just a NuGet call. But what about other dependencies?

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To download jQuery library, go to
Here, you can download the latest versions of jQuery, at this point it is v3.3. You can download compressed or uncompressed versions of jQuery library. Compressed version should be used in production environment whereas uncompressed version should be used in development. Compressed version minimizes the library by eliminating extra white space, line feed and shortening the variable and function names. So, compressed version is not readable. Uncompressed library is a readable file which is useful while debugging.

After downloading an appropriate version of jQuery library, you can put it in a folder (eg. Scripts) and use it by taking a reference of it in your HTML file. Remember, jQuery library is eventually a JavaScript file. So you can include it like a normal JavaScript file using script tag as below.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <script src="Scripts/jquery-3.3.1.js"></script>   

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Then you use Visual Studio to write your HTML and JS files in.
It's simple as that.
Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
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These days you do not need visual studio to do Jquery testing, the web offers so many alternatives:
- 3Schools: Offer explanation plus test environment
- JsFiddle: Great to run HTML, CSS and JQuery combined.

But these days I do prefer  Visual Studio Code for front end coding (Which is free), it is easier and faster than VS with basically very similar user experience.
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where I can play around with some of the more complex jQuery commands
I don't understand - what are you wanting to do? What is it you are wanting the environment to do?

For Angular, JavaScript, HTML etc my weapon of choice is now Visual Studio Code - used to be Notepad++ but the support Code provides for Angular and Typescript made it a no brainer. It has an extensive library of plugins that allow you to cover almost every aspect of development.

To answer your question though I would need to know what your expectations are - I don't really understand the bit I quoted at the top?
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


I am having quite a bit of fun w/ jQuery at W3Schools, actually. More questions to come...


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