What is the Best DNS Solution for Cell phones and Tablets

Joseph Salazar
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With lots of DNS solutions out there I have a question

What are the Best to use for Cell phones and Tablets to secure thier browsing

and give them an additional level of Security

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Commented: claims they log nothing.  As always, you can believe as much of that as you want to.  I use it for primary DNS with an OpenDNS backstop.
btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2018

Safe DNS is another commercial though there is free trial , it also supports openVPN.



As for the, CloudFlare also came up with an Android app to make it an easier. At the tap of a button, the app will route all of your phone’s traffic through CloudFlare’s servers, which use the DNS server. This isn’t exactly changing your phone’s DNS server itself. Rather, CloudFlare’s app works like a VPN to reroute internet traffic.


Another I am thinking is Google which now supports DNS-over-TLS security protocol, which means that the DNS queries and responses will be communicated over TLS-encrypted TCP connections.

Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT Consultant


Thank you everyone I ended up going with Express VPN
Vice President - Senior IT Consultant
I found Express VPN and it runs great !!!!

Thanks everyone

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