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I just now am finding out about the KMTimeLine component.  It is a multimedia timeline control similar to older version of Premiere.  It appears to have been released as BETA in 2001 for Delphi 5.0.  Nothing further was done with it.

I've Googled and contacted people associated with the control in hope to purchase it or get the source to be able to compile it with current compiler, but no success.  My last effort, before re-inventing the wheel, is to reach out to the EE community for help.  There was a similar question asked back in 2004 and someone mentioned they had the source and contacted the author for permission to redistribute.  The question was marked resolved.  

In posting here, I'm hoping for some sort of success as well.

Details about this component down below (most of the links are dead).
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Product homepage :
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Geert GOracle dba
Top Expert 2009

getting to source code of a component is done by buying it
it is no longer available

i'd suggest to look at other components

don't expect people to violate ee's rules by posting the source code here
Sinisa VukSoftware architect
Top Expert 2012

Can you describe little more in detail what component can do and put some pics here. I assume that few similar exist out there...


Below is the content of the ReadMe.txt file from the package as well as a screenshot:

Demo app with controlThis screenshot is the component on a form with no other controls.  You can set rates, duration, add, remove, step, and preview frames.  It also save and delete settings.

TKMTimeLinePanel VCL control
Copyright (c) 1998, 2001 KMMedia MSD.
All rights reserved.

For additional information and support, please contact:

  KMMedia MSD. presents: TKMTimeLinePanel VCL control!
  Welcome to the TKMTimeLinePanel VCL control. This library was designed for developers of any professional skill, who prefer to create own application as fast as it possible with the guaranty of high quality and high performance.  

     TKMTimeLinePanel v1.01 Beta is Borland Delphi/C++ Builder visual VCL control descended from TCustomControl class.
It's been author's intention to develop generic, high performance, fully configurable and yet, easy to use time line control familiar to most of us form many different software products (mainly multimedia oriented) such as Adobe's "Premiere", Ulead's "MediaStudio", Sonic Foundru's "SoundForge" etc.
      As a matter of fact, Adobe"Premiere's" time line control served as a model for most of TKMTimeLinePanel's functionality (why rediscovering the wheel?:) but, at the same time TKMTimeLinePanel implements a number of additional features.
Basically, TKMTimeLinePanel is "sequence manager" ideal for editing time dependant contents, applicable as a core technology for range of software products - from multimedia editors to task schedulers.
It's been designed to implement features limited only by available resources.

* Borland Delphi 5 (or higher) or C++Builder 5 (or higher).
* OS: Windows 95/98/2000 or Windows NT4.

How to install?
Unpack file to folder of your choice. After unpacking:
1. Run Delphi or C++ Builder.
2. Select 'File/Open...' menu item
3. Open the .dpk or .bpk file depending on whether you are using Delphi or C++Builder version (XXXD5.dpk means Delphi 5, XXXBCB5.bpk - C++Builder 5).
4. Press 'Install' button in the Package Editor.
5. Make sure that the destination folder is in the Delphi/C++Builder IDE search path.

Warning for Delphi 5 users!
You must put a DsgnIntf.pas in the directory where you install TKMTimeLinePanel.
DsgnIntf.pas comes with delphi - you will find it in the Source subdirectory of Delphi

Version 1.01 beta (january 2002).
- Problem with tracks removal corrected

Version 1.00 beta (april 2001).
- First official public beta released!

TKMTimeLinePanel VCL control.
Copyright (c) 1998, 2001 KMMedia MSD.
All rights reserved.

For additional information and support, please contact:
Sinisa VukSoftware architect
Top Expert 2012

Few aka TimeLine components to suggest:
- Mitov Animation Lab
- Tmssoftware - Planner (
- Devexpress - scheduler
- Plexityhide - phGantTimePackage
- Jedi - TJvTimeLine
- ... others...

Please, take your time to review each possibility....


Sinisa Vuk, thank you for your inputs.

I've tested those components before and decided they were not what I wanted.  For example, Mitov's timeline is a design time tool to assist with animations.  TMS, DevExpress, Jedi, etc. were geared towards time/task scheduling/management and not multimedia/sequencing.

The only one that exists, to my knowledge, is from viscomsoft.  It an ActiveX component and not written in Delphi.  I'd have to write an installer and include the OCX file(s) along with my EXE, which is something I want to avoid.
Movie Maker ActiveX
I've redesigned my EXE and decided against using timeline editing for now.

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