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Does any Serverless Framework/Platform support a multi-cloud deployment?

Does any Serverless Framework/Platform support a multi-cloud deployment? Meaning deploy the same API to multiple cloud providers. Can it be done with load balancing?
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btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019

There is such as Terraform which leverage on infrastructure as a code and yet be cloud agnostic
Terraform is an unopinionated cloud deployment tool. It describes Infrastructure as Code and deploys to multiple clouds and SaaS systems at once. It is comparable to CloudFormation but for multiple clouds.

The Serverless Platform has one strong opinion about how an application is defined, and then is flexible about everything else. It facilitates developing and deploying Serverless Applications, abstracting away the boilerplate required to deploy serverless applications. It also assists with the packaging and monitoring of your serverless applications.

Terraform and the Serverless Platform are not mutually exclusive and can easily be used in tandem.
And for serveless support for API, terraform would be able to leverage on lambda and api gateway from AWS (for example).



May be good to bring the discussion with Hashcrop with regards to other services.