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Photos Distort in Landscape Mode

When viewing this site on a cell phone on portrait all of the photos look fine but when in landscape mood the photos distort.  These are the photos after the youtube link.
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Dr. Klahn

Does this happen on all cell phones, or only on one specific model?
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I am using an Apple iPhone 6.  Does it look ok on yours?
Using Samsung no distortion - site looks fine.
I'm on iPhone 6 and nothing is distorted. In fact, it looks fantastic! Ooh la la!!! (fanning myself)

Okay, the image below YouTube video is full width on my iPhone 6 in Landscape mode. Is that what you're going after? Then it's fine.


In the bio you have this as the opening sentence:

"Italian singer/songwriter Alessandro is an Italian singer-songwriter."

Maybe remove everything before "Alessandro"?
Yes under the video.  Are you seeing one picture or several at once in landscape mode?
I'm seeing one image, then the media outlet list on white, then the same layout for the 5 images as the desktop.
Have you checked out Browserstack?

It's worth the monthly fee if you are a web designer/dev
Thank you Alicia, I will tell Alessandro that you enjoyed his photos! LOL!  On the iphone 6  are you using Safari?  I have attached the photo.  As you can see it is strecthed to fill 100% of the screen as are the other photos in the group.  Thank you for Browserstack!
Using iPhone 6 with 11.3.1 OS if this helps.  It looks good when I use Chrome and  inspect with the responsive and non-responsive device checker.
It looks fine on iPhone 6., 12.1.4, Safari.

Thanks for passing on the info! LOL!
I'm going to assume that it;s a combination of the iPhone 6 and the 11.3.1 os. and close this question as it's an old phone and an old os.
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David Schure

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Normally if it's working on the newer iOS, then it should work on the older ones. That's so weird.
Thank you everyone in helping me to try and solve this mystery!