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No way this is that hard but I've been doing all this math stuff all afternoon and my brain is fried....

X is gas price
Increased by 15% so  X * .15
the price is now 3.91 ..I'm missing something

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Analyst Assistant
The new price of gas = 1.15 * old price of gas, so divide the new price by 1.15 to get the old price.

$3.91 / 1.15 = $3.40.

To check,

$3.40 plus 15% = $3.40 + 0.15 * $3.40 = $3.40 + .51 = $3..91
The new price of gas = 1.15 * old price...

why 1.15?
NorieAnalyst Assistant

1.15 is the equivalent of 115%, i.e. 100% (the original price) plus 15%.
oh yes. I think I need to call it quits for today :) thanks , let me see.

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