How do I permanently delete a Site Collection from SharePoint Online

Timothy "Malachi" Kern
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I am trying to permanently delete a SharePoint online Site Collection and unable to do so using Powershell.  I keep getting a message that displays "Remove-SPODeletedSite : Unable to find the deleted site:

The command that I'm using is:
Remove-SPODeletedSite -Identity

When I try to find the deleted sites using command Get-SPODeletedSite nothing displays.  I can see the site collection in the recycle bin.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions?

I've already tried the suggestions listed here:
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I've never found using the *-SPODEletedSite reliable, in many cases PowerShell doesnt even recognize the site as deleted and will happily return it via the regular Get-SPOSite cmdlet. Why dont you simply use the UI isntead? And by that I mean the old UI, the new one pretty much has the same issues as PowerShell...
Timothy "Malachi" KernApplications Director


@Vasil, thanks for your feedback, my first attempt was through UI and it only places the deleted site in the recycle bin, and keeps it there for 30 days, I need to permanently delete the site collection so that I can use the URL immediately.
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There was a compliance policy that existed that had to be disabled first.

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