is there a benefit to having a high end graphics card video card in a VMWare server ESXi?

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Hi Is there a benifit to having a high end graphics card in a vmware (esxi) server?  I use a laptop to suck up servers and make a backup of them.  I wanted to get a better unit since it sometimes ends up being the server while I build them a new esxi server.  I notice allot of the high end laptops have 1080 graphics cards with them.  That seems like a waste.  

Thanks all.
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is there a benefit to having a high end graphics card video card in a VMWare server ESXi?

NO. If these are just Windows and Linux servers.

Are you using VDI ? (Horizon View)

and a compatible Graphics card needs to be a Quadro or Grid based card from Nvidia, not a consumer card for games!
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Not unless you're going to use it (the video card) as a compute engine.  (By "high end" I'm assuming you mean AMD / Radeon or Nvidia.)  In that case the server could run a socially-contributing BOINC application such as PrimeGrid in the video card, always assuming that permission could be obtained from Those Who Rule From Above.

Other than that I can't think of a reason to have anything other than relatively simple SVGA-class graphics in a server.


yes they are Windows servers, OK thats what I figured.  I use Quadro cards in my autocad peoples compouters. Thanks Andrew.

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