Jira - How do I automate a check box selection to return a pre-filtered result

I am attempting to create an automation in Jira (Atlassian) service desk software.
Having created a front end form, with relevant fields and check box lists.
Which is working mostly as it should.
The automation creates and allocates the information correctly....
with the exception.....my automation picks up all of the fields (check-boxes) selected and creates sub-tasks for all the check-box fields, however it does not differentiate between the ones that have been selected, and ignoring the ones that have not.

Therefore still presents all of the sub-tasks on the form (as tasks) - including as I say the ones that have not been selected.

As a total newbie to this I am sure it is in the if / then / else part of the automation....but am scratching my head wondering what I am not seeing.

Could be that I have to create some additional JQL statements to fulfil?
Not sure.
Still investigating

Any assistance or pointers gratefully received.
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Looking for a list of checked ones I assume, I think the best you can do is look for "<field name> is not <option>" and compare it with "<field name> = <option>".  Obviously, as JQL is about finding issues, you'll get issue lists back.

It might be useful to create a filter for "<field name> is not empty", and then use it in a "filter statistics" gadget on a dashboard set to group by the field, as that will give you usage of the ones that are in use, so you can at least compare the gadget with the list of options for the checkbox and see which ones are totally unused



This is interesting. This definitely warrants further investigation.
where I am at, just now is, I have managed to configure (very roughly), all my working tickets and workflows.

This, information, will assist me in tailoring requests.
From the initial set up, I have recognised that the check box is being selected properly - but the action associated with the request is not being correctly filtered. This where I am hoping...going forward that this solution will assist.

I am in the process of setting up a "test" area, to work on this.
All else is now currently now live.

As soon as I can, I will feed back to this.
Your advise and assistance in this regard is very much appreciated.

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