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Agnes Sevilla
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This is my scenery:

I have Iseries machine with a Printronix p7010 as the default printer attached via twinax. I want this Printronix my default printer but now in my Network.

I have another printer IBM 6400 as spare so I connected this to my Iseries(via twinax) to work on my Printronix.

Finally I put my P7010 in my network (I can ping the IP Address ) following steps others guys from here gave me and also I create a remote output queue.(thanks guys)

I tested the remote outqueue moving a file from my default printer and release it. everything is printing fine but I need this remote outqueue as my default printer (called PRT01) because I want everything print immediately without release.

My programs when generate reports use PRT01.

I need your advice. Do I need to delete my default printer PRT01 and create another remote output queue with PRT01 name?  

I wait for your advises
Thank you very much
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There is a system value, QPRTDEV, that controls the system default printer.  Unless someone has specifically changed user profiles, job descriptions, printer files, and/or jobs to explicitly override to PRT01, changing this system value is usually the best way to change the default printer to a different value.

CHGSYSVAL QPRTDEV 'my_new_default_printer'

Note that if the printer is a remote printer, you will need to reconfigure it to use the dummy *DEVD method to configure the printer:

This is because the default printer must be a device name (*DEVD object) and not an output queue (*OUTQ object).

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