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hi team ,

i would like to know , if there is a way in google sheets . i can use form based entry and the data gets stored in google sheets table . And to retrieve specific info , can i use query in menu type format .
Eg : Name , Age i enter in form based ( menu based) and query ( menu based) i will look for specific category .
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Hi Aaron,
When you set up a Google Form you can choose which Google Sheet they get submitted to by clicking the Responses tab and selecting your desired Sheet.

If you click the 3 dots to bring up more options you can download a CSV of the responses which you can probably query easily for the data you're looking for. You may need to post a new question about querying your CSV as I'm not that experienced in that area.

The Google Support doc has more details about storing responses from your Form.

Hope this helps,

You'd probably have to use Google's AppMaker with CloudSQL to store the data to be able to query in from a nice UI. You can double check here but I believe AppMaker requires a G Suite Business or Enterprise license though.

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