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Windows 10 Security updates

Dear all Just wondering Windows 10 Build version 1703 and earlier receives the monthly security yet ?

When I look at the Microsoft catalog I see Microsoft releasing the update for older builds month on month.
We are Using WSUS to push patches however I see wsus not offering updates to the client running older builds and shows the update as not applicable.
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At some point, updates stop and you must upgrade.  I serviced a V1607 machine mid-last year when the user called and said there was a screen that said that updates would stop.  I updated it to V1709 and then later to V1803.

So I guess V1703 is about due to stop updates. Not sure.

Take one machine off WSUS and try updating it manually. It should update.
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I see. So do you mean the updates available in Microsoft catalog is for enterprise versions ?
Correct, enterprise or education only.