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Recover deleted mailbox in O365

Where can I rescover a deleted mailbox in O365 ?

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Shreedhar Ette
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What Shreedhar said is correct.  If the mailbox is not on litigation hold, after 30 days it will automatically delete.  I would  like you to also connect to o365 via powershell and run the following command to see if anything comes up.

Get-Recipient "DisplayNameoremailaddressoftheuserinquestion" -IncludeSoftDeletedRecipients | Select Identity,*Guid*
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Simon Leung


The powershell command doesn't work. Do I need to install anything ?

I can see the deleted AD account.... but how to restore the original mailbox ?

post the error you get when running the command?
In O365 do you see the account in deleted users?
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> $usercredential = Get-Credential
$session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $usercredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
Import-PSSession $session -allowclobber
cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
WARNING: The names of some imported commands from the module 'tmp_4e5l4cdd.djo' include unapproved verbs that might make them l
ess discoverable. To find the commands with unapproved verbs, run the Import-Module command again with the Verbose parameter. F
or a list of approved verbs, type Get-Verb.

ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands                                                    
---------- -------    ----                                ----------------                                                    
Script     1.0        tmp_4e5l4cdd.djo                    {Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace, Add-DistributionGroupMember, Add-M...

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-Recipient "DisplayNameoremailaddressoftheuserinquestion" -IncludeSoftDeletedRecipients | Select Identity,*Guid*
The operation couldn't be performed because object 'DisplayNameoremailaddressoftheuserinquestion' couldn't be found on
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-Recipient], ManagementObjectNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Server=SG2PR01MB3271,RequestId=d7731267-39a3-44a1-87b0-2bec4f3fc431,TimeStamp=3/14/2019 2:05:2
   6 AM] [FailureCategory=Cmdlet-ManagementObjectNotFoundException] 168B39B,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.Get  
    + PSComputerName        :
After Get-Recipient you are to put the user's email address or displayname. Read the command. Use the email address the user had.