Trimming an audio using quicktime player in Mac

Rohit Bajaj
Rohit Bajaj used Ask the Experts™
I am using Quick Time player to Trim an audio but it doesnt show me timing info.
Previously it used to show it. How do i trim it using QuickTime. Is there any alternative software for the same.
I am using Mac High sierra.

If you see in the image above only the yellow bars are there but i want to trim it from time 1:08 to 1:15 which doesnt seem possible

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Commented: provides simple trimming of audios. provides many tutorials for audio trimming with Audacity.
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Timecodes are a feature in QT Pro not the basic version. You could cut out a section a little larger than you need with Trim and then "re-Trim" the result as the shorter audio wave display will change in scale and give you better fine control on the exact start and end point.  Otherwise you need Pro or a third party .mov cutter.
David FavorFractional CTO
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If you're set on using QT Pro, provides the buy link.

And Audacity is free + super easy to use, so give Audacity a try + see if it works for you.
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You can do it.
Please follow the instruction
vogenSoftware Developer

Hi Rohit,

Did you try my solution? It works on Mac High sierra. In finder you have to select the file and hit space bar.
And then you can click trim icon which will open wav file allowing you to drag time from and to.

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