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In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, I want to automate the standard GP report; "Payables Aged Trial Balance - Detail" Is there a native method to do so?
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Yes, there is a feature called "Report Scheduler" in Dynamics GP that can automatically generate the reports and save them to disk.  But, you will need to test it to see if it meets  your specific needs.  I have not encountered many GP customers who use this feature, so you may not find a lot of info online, and will need to experiment with it to understand how it works.

In your Dynamics GP application directory, look for a file called RSHelp.chm.  That is the help file for Report Scheduler.  Review all of the instructions in the "Report Scheduler Setup" section and complete them.

Note that under Routines >> Company >> Report Setup, it requires that you specify a UNC path, and does not allow you to save to a drive letter for some reason. And the UNC path uses forward slashes, not the normal back slashes, and the path must end with a forward slash.

Once you have that setup, review and complete the steps in the "Scheduling Reports" and "Publishing Reports".

Specifying the Report Option setting for each report seems a bit quirky.  If the desired report option isn't specified, try clicking Redisplay, or closing the Report Schedule window and re-opening it.

Note the "Automatic Publishing" page under Publishing Reports.  It indicates that a GP client must be running and logged in for the reports to be generated automatically, and if the client was not running, it will check for overdue reports when launched.  I don't know if ANY GP client / user will generate the reports, or if it only generates for a specific user / client.  This sentence almost makes me think it is user-specific:

"If more than one user is set up to publish a report, the first user to log on will be the one to publish the report. Any other users set up to publish the report will not trigger the report to be published because it no longer has an overdue publishing status."

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.


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