cisco RV340W and RV180W VPN not connecting



I have 2 cisco routers which I am having problems VPNing between.

RV340W, firmware
IPSec Profiles
keying mode auto
ike version 1

Phose 1
DH Group 2 - 1024 bit
Encryption 3DES
Auth SHA1
SA lifetime 28800

Phase 2
Protocol Selection ESP
Encryption 3DES
Auth SHA1
SA Lifetime 28800
PFS enabled
DH Group 2 - 1024 bit

Site to Site
IPSec Profile - points to above settings
int WAN1
Remote endpoint Static IP
remote IP entered

Remote IKE Auth Method
Pre-shared key, complexity disabled, 14 digit key enterd

Local Group Setup
Local Intendifier type - Local WAN  IP
Local ID - Local IP Address
Local IP Type - Subnet
IP address - *.*.*.0 (local subnet)
Subnet mask -

Remote Group Setup
Remote ID TYpe - Remote WAN IP
Remote ID - remote IP address
Remote IP Type - subnet
IP Address - *.*.*.0 (remote subnet IP)
subnet mask

2nd routers

Cisco RV180W

IKE Policy
Direction/type - both
exchange mode - main

ID Type - Local WAN IP

ID Type - Remote WAN IP

IKE SA Parameters
Encryption algorithm 3DES
Auth Algorithm SHA1
Auth method  Pre Shared key
Pre shared key entered
DH Group 2 1024 bit
SA Lifetime 28800
Dead Peer Detection enabled
det period 10
reconnect after 3

Extended auth

VPN Policy

Policy type - auto
remote endpoint - ip address
remote ip entered
NetBIOS enabled

Local Traffice selection
local ip subnet
start address - *.*.*.0 (local subnet)
subnet mask -

Remote traffic selection
remote ip - subnet
start address - *.*.*.0 (remote subnet)
subnet mask -

Auto Policy Parameters
SA-Lifetime 28800
encryption algorithm 3DES
Integrity Algorightm SHA12
PFS Key Group Enabled - DH Group 2 1024 bit
IKE Policy  - above selected
auto initiate enabled

The VPN will not connect, what am I missing?

Gareth McKeeCEO/OwnerAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Enable logging on both devices and try connecting.  See if you can see in the logs where the first error is.

Make sure local subnets are different at each end.

PFS should be OFF in most setups

Try NAT Traversal (Advanced Settings) both ways. It may need to be enabled.

Here is a very successful RV325 VPN connection setup.

Tunnel Number 5
Interface on Router WAN 1

Local Gateway Type: IP Only
(External) IP address
Local Security Group type: Subnet

Remote Gateway Type: Dyn IP + Email  (or what you need)
Remote IP address or email address  (these two are likely IP for you)
Remote Security Group type: Subnet

Keying Mode: IKE Pre-share
Phase 1
Group 2
28800 Sec.

Phase 2
Group 2
3600 Sec.
Pre-shared key

Main Mode (for site to site)
Compress OFF
Keep Alive ON Default
AH Hash (MD5) I have OFF
Nat Traversal ON or OFF whichever works

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Gareth McKeeCEO/OwnerAuthor Commented:
One of two things

RV340W site-to-site - advanced - Keep alive was not enabled


RV340W did not like the Pre Shared Key - the log was complaining that it was invalid - it had a number of special characters eg !@#$, maybe the router doesn't like them?

Thanks as always.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was pleased to assist you
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