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cisco RV340W and RV180W VPN not connecting



I have 2 cisco routers which I am having problems VPNing between.

RV340W, firmware
IPSec Profiles
keying mode auto
ike version 1

Phose 1
DH Group 2 - 1024 bit
Encryption 3DES
Auth SHA1
SA lifetime 28800

Phase 2
Protocol Selection ESP
Encryption 3DES
Auth SHA1
SA Lifetime 28800
PFS enabled
DH Group 2 - 1024 bit

Site to Site
IPSec Profile - points to above settings
int WAN1
Remote endpoint Static IP
remote IP entered

Remote IKE Auth Method
Pre-shared key, complexity disabled, 14 digit key enterd

Local Group Setup
Local Intendifier type - Local WAN  IP
Local ID - Local IP Address
Local IP Type - Subnet
IP address - *.*.*.0 (local subnet)
Subnet mask -

Remote Group Setup
Remote ID TYpe - Remote WAN IP
Remote ID - remote IP address
Remote IP Type - subnet
IP Address - *.*.*.0 (remote subnet IP)
subnet mask

2nd routers

Cisco RV180W

IKE Policy
Direction/type - both
exchange mode - main

ID Type - Local WAN IP

ID Type - Remote WAN IP

IKE SA Parameters
Encryption algorithm 3DES
Auth Algorithm SHA1
Auth method  Pre Shared key
Pre shared key entered
DH Group 2 1024 bit
SA Lifetime 28800
Dead Peer Detection enabled
det period 10
reconnect after 3

Extended auth

VPN Policy

Policy type - auto
remote endpoint - ip address
remote ip entered
NetBIOS enabled

Local Traffice selection
local ip subnet
start address - *.*.*.0 (local subnet)
subnet mask -

Remote traffic selection
remote ip - subnet
start address - *.*.*.0 (remote subnet)
subnet mask -

Auto Policy Parameters
SA-Lifetime 28800
encryption algorithm 3DES
Integrity Algorightm SHA12
PFS Key Group Enabled - DH Group 2 1024 bit
IKE Policy  - above selected
auto initiate enabled

The VPN will not connect, what am I missing?

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One of two things

RV340W site-to-site - advanced - Keep alive was not enabled


RV340W did not like the Pre Shared Key - the log was complaining that it was invalid - it had a number of special characters eg !@#$, maybe the router doesn't like them?

Thanks as always.
Thanks for the update and I was pleased to assist you