"Evaluate" a string (assembled) that is returned from a table

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I'm looking for a way to "evaluate" an assembled string that is stored in a table.
The table has string data with many types of special characters such as nchar(160) or nchar(8204).  Many columns of it in many rows.
As a simple example let's take '>' + char(160) + '<' as the string data, and I want it to return "> <".

Looking for something that would be akin to SELECT EVALUATE_STRING(StringData) FROM Table.

DECLARE @TestTable TABLE(Seq INT IDENTITY, StringData nvarchar(100))
INSERT INTO @TestTable VALUES ( '''>'' + char(160) + ''<''' )  --non-breaking space

SELECT Seq, StringData 
	FROM @TestTable

--Shows the desired result when not selected from a table
SELECT '>' + char(160) + '<' AS 'Direct_Select__Desired_Results' 

--If I try a select statement, it doesn't work.
SELECT Seq, (SELECT StringData) AS 'Subqueried_Data' 
	FROM @TestTable

--How do I get the desired results when selecting from a table?  
SELECT Seq, /*??*/ StringData AS '??Evaluated_StringData??' 
	FROM @TestTable

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Suggestions?  I hope it's simple.


SQL Server 2008
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Try changing your INSERT statement to this to get it work..
Basically ''' will add 1 single quote ' into your string and hence you are getting the additional quotes..
INSERT INTO @TestTable VALUES ( '>' + char(160) + '<' )  --non-breaking space

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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

you may try use a temp table instead:

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#TestTable') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #TestTable

create TABLE #TestTable(Seq INT IDENTITY, StringData nvarchar(100))
INSERT INTO #TestTable VALUES ( '''>'' + char(160) + ''<''' )  --non-breaking space

SELECT Seq, StringData FROM #TestTable

Declare @value varchar(100)
Select @value = StringData from #TestTable
Declare @sql nvarchar(max) = 'SELECT Seq, StringData, '+@value+' AS ''Subqueried_Data'' FROM #TestTable '
EXEC sp_executesql @sql

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Senior Developer
The only way to do this in native T-SQL is dynamic SQL.

CAVEAT: This is a serious security issue.

The only two ways to evaluate expressions like this is to stuff it into dynmic SQL. Either as SELECT or SET. E.g.

    StringData NVARCHAR(MAX)

VALUES ( N'N''>'' + NCHAR(160) + N''<''' ); --non-breaking space


SELECT TOP ( 1 ) @Statement = N' SET @Result = ' + TT.StringData + N';'
FROM   @TestTable TT
WHERE  TT.Seq = 1;

EXECUTE sys.sp_executesql @Statement ,
                          N'@Result NVARCHAR(MAX) OUTPUT' ,
                          @Result = @Result OUTPUT;

       StringData ,
       '>' + CHAR(160) + '<' AS Direct_Select__Desired_Results ,
       @Statement ,
FROM   @TestTable;

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But you cannot encapsulate the sp_executesql call into a function like your EVALUATE_STRING().

Depending on your needs: Create SQL CLR function doing this string evaluation in .NET. Or you search for it, there are commercial as also freeware solutions out there.

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