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When using web forms or mvc and using a gridview or an html table holding a sql server table with large amount of records and you want to allow exporting of the data to pdf.
What solution or technology do you normally use to export the large amount of data to pdf quickly?
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I can't speak directly to how to do this in .NET. Depending  on what you mean by "big" using a client side option is typically very fast. Check out or  Keep in mind that you are still sending data rows to the browser.  If you have a thousand and more rows of data, this is going to take some time. You may want to stick to doing it on the back end via an ajax call.
I had a similar requirement. My approach was acknowledge the request from the user with a request number. On the backend, a Windows Service would generate the PDF and send a unique link to the user facilitating download of the same.

It is better to spare ASP.NET Worker Process from dealing with heavier content which anyway it is not going to process and have IIS manage such workloads.


thanks for the information.

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