Exchange 2013 - Share iCal to External User

Michael Ferguson
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Exchange 2013 - Share Calendar to External User (Individual Sharing).

I can generate an iCal and share it, but when I open the iCal as an external user, the calendar is completely blank.
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The sharing usually works well when you're sharing the calendars from your exchange to others "Microsoft" related domains, like Hotmail or outlook.
They have been recently open to the idea that MAC computers are part of the ecosystems with the introduction of the .net core, but there were some things that never changed, for example, the ICAL calendar sharing, I personally have never used this feature but if the calendar is shared with another 3rd party  ( like ICal) it will be empty.

Either way... here's a workaround that is out there from 2013, as you can see, something never changed :)
Michael FergusonSystems Engineer


I apologize for the confussion, it is not an issue connect to Apple ICal, but when opening a share calendar via (webcal.somecal.ical) through any external site. I have tested opening the shared calendar through and Gmail and the calendar opens in each but are blank in each.

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