Mysterious DNS company.local partition

I asked this before and like to expand a bit deeper.  
 For some reason we have two DNS partitions. and company.local
No immediate problems to resolve, but there is potential for corruption.  My thoughts to remove it completely but like to research first.
The zone shows up on all Domain Controllers, but for some reason the replication is only pushed out via one particular.  All DCs replicate 5 partitions, but that one replicates 7.  The additional 2 are the partitions related to company.local
Its behaving like old 2003 AD partition where we only had single source replication from the PDC.  Could that be because I have all the FSMO roles on that DC?
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DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Is your AD domain named or company.local?
Tiras25Author Commented:
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Are there any records in the company.local zone aside from the SOA and NS records?
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how did you figured out that updates are pushed from only single DC?

You can check if there are any dynamic records in company.local zone which keeps updating time stamp
Also check if there are any static records in zone

I believe you have renamed AD domain previously from .local to .com and after that .local zone did not removed from AD
So as far as I see, you can remove it. simply export it from dnscmd tool and then delete and ensure it is gone from all servers provided that it is AD integrated zone
If you need in case you can restore it

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Tiras25Author Commented:
Hi DrDave, The records for already exist and mirror company.local, so there is no need to have 2 DNS zones do the same thing.

Mahesh, I run the full replication script, the push portion only, and take a look at the results.  All DCs replicate 5 partitions. And that one replicates 7.  Additional 2 are the one company.local
DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
If company.local contains the same records as, Mahesh is probably right: the domain has been renamed at some point in the past, and the company.local zone is a holdover from that. I recommend deleting that zone, as it's almost certainly no longer needed.
can you check company.local zone properties and check replication scope set to what?

is it set to application directory partition or ?

when you said, there are 7 what is 7th?

5 you are referring to AD partitions along with DNS app directory partitions like (domain dns zone and forest dns zone directory partitions)?
Tiras25Author Commented:
Forest Zones
Domain Zones
And Default naming context which is the domain name.

Zone replication scope to all DNS servers running on domain controllers in this domain:
and that one DC has 2 sets of forest zones and domain zones.
All DCs replicate 5 partitions. And that one replicates 7.  Additional 2 are the one company.local

Sorry statement is not clear to me

all DCs have company.local or not?
and what about other 5 partitions? are those available on all DCs?

If no records in company.local are updating, as said earlier you can export zone and delete it
Tiras25Author Commented:
Yes, all DCs have company.local, and yes, all DCs replicate 5 partitions, but that one replicates 7.
They are actively being updated every time a change is made to the domain.
That’s why I am hesitant to delete it before investigating a bit more.
so only one DC has extra domaindnszones and forestdnszones  for company.local?

If that domain is not used anymore, you can delete those zones, they are leftover
what data contains in that zone and what is updating

simply delete those zones as they are not replicating to any other DCs
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