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Azure Active Directory Initial One-Time Password Delivery


We are setting up a new Azure Active Directory environment.  One of the things we will want to test is how we securely transit initial one time use passwords (system generation VA automation from aad) to new users who will be working from personal email addresses and personal phone numbers and pc's.  We don't want to have to verbally communicate initial one time use password and we don't want the user to have to call a support desk if at all possible to get that initial one time use password.  

Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide guidance on how to accomplish automated delivery of this one-time initial password!
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I developed an acquiring web site.

Basically, the accounts need to be in an acquiring state (a derived 128 character password and password must change on login turned on)

You then transmit an OTP to the user and they can acquire their account.

I can dust it off and publish it if you want?
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@ Shaun Vermaak That would be very interesting sir, if you wouldn't mind sharing your model and any documentation?