Access Form Operations: "after update" event, apply a specific value to a field for the record that was updated...

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In Access 2010, I have a form where I'm updating records. Every time I update "field1", I'd like to automatically change the value in "field2" to 'complete.'

I appreciate any feedback as to what the most efficient method is for this task. I won't be able to test any responses until Monday. Thanks in advance!
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Well it could be easy as
In the After_update event of field1
field2 = "complete"
but it could be a bit more complex..
Give some more info.
Dale FyeOwner, Dev-Soln LLC
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You could also use the form_beforeupdate event.
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I would also use the BeforeUpdate event - and ignore an empty input:

Private Sub Field1_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)

    If Not IsNull(Me!Field1.Value) Then
         Me!Field2.Value = "Completed"
    End If

End Sub

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on this! Very helpful. I'm going with Gustav's recommendation. Have great weekend everyone!
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You are welcome!

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