POCKET  CASTS  v.7  UPDATE :  Archiving - What is It? Is it Important? Anyway to Disable it?

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I'm confused about archiving. When I swipe to delete an episode I see it gets archived (I believe).

Seems to me I don't have any need for archiving. What's the thinking behind this feature?

Is there any merit to my archiving episodes? Where do they even go?

And, is there any way to disable it?

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The features of archive are as follows:-

It's removed from your Episode Filters
It's hidden from the Podcast page
If it's downloaded the downloaded files are deleted
The play status remains unchanged (an archived episode can be unplayed, in progress or played)

Source: https://blog.pocketcasts.com/exploring-version-7-changes-archiving/

After all, it is only a change in the UI and you do not need to worry about it at all and there is no way to disable it. It just help you to quickly lookup episode and you have deleted.


:)))))))))))))))))!  Needed that blog!  Thanks!

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