2 Local Domains for One Server

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I have a Raspberry Pi that functions as a print server. It runs CUPS and it has a static IP Address. With Bind I am mapping the server to the domain 'printer.home'. I also have reverse DNS configured for 'printer.home'.

I would like to use this Raspberry Pi to host a local website - a dynamic website that lets users browse records that I have. I would like to give it the domain 'records.home'. I guess it will be no problem creating another A record for the same IP Address and 'records.home'. But what about the reverse record? Do I just omit it for this domain?
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Reverse records are handled by whoever owns the IP, which will be your ISP.

Most ISPs don't support any way to setup reverse IP lookup.

And, normally there's no reason. Usually reverse IP lookup is only used by Mailbox Providers as part of sender authentication.

Just omit the reverse record setup.



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