We have one computer that the clock is fast by 80 seconds

We have one computer that the clock is fast by 80 seconds.  It shows that it is getting its time from a DC and the DC is in sync with the world clock.

How do I determine why the computer is off?
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
When Windows boots it obtains the time from the BIOS RTC clock -- not from the network.  So if the BIOS time is off, Windows time will be off the same amount until the next NTP resynchronization.

a) Check the BIOS time.  It's probably 80 seconds off.

b) Check to see how often Windows is resyncing the clock on that system.  I suggest at least daily.  The default is once a week, which I/M/O is not often enough.

c) After the next resync, shut the system down, reboot, go into BIOS setup and check the BIOS clock.  Immediately after a resync it should be within one second of correct.  If not, then there's probably an issue in the RTC, possibly a bad battery.  80 seconds is a lot of drift but if the RTC battery is going bad and the system is switched off at end of work each day it is not an impossible drift.

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J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I am only at this location on Tuesday.  I will check it and post then.

Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
AD OS version, domain and forest functional levels?
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Win 10, 2008 R2
J.R. SitmanIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The BIOS was incorrect.
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