Exchange 2019 Go Daddy SSL is still pending

Michael Downey
Michael Downey used Ask the Experts™
I was able to add the GoDaddy to Exchange 2019 but and it has been about 2 hours and it still says pending request.
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Sometimes this can take a long time.

Look for some message from GoDaddy. I had this happen once + traced it down to some breakage in their system which failed to recognize I owned a domain + they asked for me to add some DNS record, as best I recall.

I use now, so certs generate immediately, 100% of the the time.

If you're trying to generate an SSL cert for a domain you don't own, this is likely the problem.

Or... sigh... their system is broken again...
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroTop Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
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Test an account in your domain here:

And let's see what it brings.
Hani M .S. Al-habshiContributor as IT Expert

1- In the Exchange Admin Center select the certificate that has the status of “Pending request”, have you clicked the Complete link.and completed the all process ..

2-Have you renewed SSL Cert ? Or created new SSL Cert Request ?
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Note: Be sure to follow up with GoDaddy support on this.

If the problem is GoDaddy is having problems verifying your right to request a cert for a given domain, you'll have to go through some domain authentication/verification step.

Until you complete the domain authentication/verification step you cert issuance will remain deferred/pending.

Since the LetsEncrypt client verifies domain ownership, on the fly, by writing a token file into the domain/host DocumentRoot, this is why LetsEncrypt certs generate in a few seconds.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems Administrator

Where does it say Pending? In Exchange? Did GoDaddy issue the cert? Did you complete the request via the EAC?

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