Access 2013 Application message, Searching for Reference HSOUTLOLB?

mlcktmguy used Ask the Experts™
A client recently reported getting this message as they try to print from a Access 2013 application I installed for them.  The message come up when they are trying to print a client account statement from the application.

Background: This application has been installed and running without issue for over a year.  I have made no application changes in that time period.  They just started getting the missing reference message last week. They sent me a snapshot of the message. Reference Error Message
It look like 'HSOUTLOLB' but I did a search on that and nothing came up.  

My first thought is that they changed something in their operating envioronment but I just wondered if any EE'ers might have a better knowledge of what might cause this issue.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

HSOUTLOLB seems like a custom made "object" (dll,ocx,mde...etc) that is referenced and now it has issue...You certainly should take a look a references and i *guessing* that seems like a a "bridge" component to their ERP.
Analyst Assistant
Is it actually 'MSOUTL.OLB'?

If it is then its probably a reference to the MS Outlook library.
Fabrice LambertConsulting
Distinguished Expert 2017

With some (bad) luck, the application has an early bound reference to Outlook, and your client opened the application from a computer with an upgraded version of Outlook (upgrading the reference in the process), then ran it on a computer with an old outlook version.
The upgraded reference does not like the old Outlook and report itself as broken.

Review the source code and switch to late binding.


Thanks you.

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