Alternative to Android Clipboard Manager

This clipboard management service for Android phones is shutting down in 40 days on May 1st

Is there any android clipboard manager that can replace this?
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Depends what the most important features were that you need. Just search the keyword Clipboard in Google's Play store, and look through each, look for high reviews, features etc.
Martin NguyenHelpDesk TechnicianCommented:
They have an End of Life announcement on their site where they state they will continue to support existing customers through Jan 1, 2020 as long as you Android Device isn't upgraded to Android Q. They are also providing refunds for the app if you purchased it in 2019.

Android Q will not be released until this fall, and unless you are on a Google Pixel device, it will likely be after October 2019 that your device might be getting the update.

At the bottom of the announcement they recommend using Gboard or MS Swiftkey as a replacement.

I'd like to ask, what were you using this app for? What functionality do you need in a replacement app?

Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I would like to sync clippings to the web so that they can be accessed and added to using Windows or Android
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Martin NguyenHelpDesk TechnicianCommented:
I'll look into other apps that can sync clippings from your clipboard so you can access them later, but the use case you mention kind of reminds me of how I use Pocket.

Pocket only allows saving of webpages themselves, so if you are copying to clipboard from other sources (texts, apps, emails) it may not be able to do everything you want.

An inelegant solution I can think of is saving screenshots into a folder that gets sync'd to Google Drive, OneDrive, etc so you can access it from other devices.

I'll look into some apps that can do exactly what you're looking for though.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
This would allow you to paste text clippings from either Windows or Android and have that information saved in the cloud. Every copy or just select copies would be synced
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
For this use case, I'd actually recommend you to use Telegram instead. Sure, it's a messaging app. But it's one that's secure. One without limits.
The only thing that you may not like is that you have to ACT on each copy you want. You probably had it capture EVERYTHING automatically before?
The slight change is now that you act on everything that you actually want (as before, you may have a lot of unnecessary clipboard items).

So, install Telegram. Whenever you need anything, copy or share to Telegram (in Saved messages, can be links, text, video/pics/audio), and they're always available to you on the PC as well (
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I can't wait to check it out and comment on the result here.
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