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I have a gifted iPad ver 2 with Kindle app already installed and there are books for me to read.  How do I navigate this App to open it and navigate the menus.  I do not know what version the App is.  Are there any videos for my ver of Kindle? thank u
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAsked:
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Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
Open the Kindle app and you should see two buttons; Cloud and Device

If there are any books saved to the iPad2, then they will show up on the Device button. Tap on any book to read it.

However, if the books are stored in the cloud, they will be tied to an Amazon account. You will need to know the Amazon Account log in details in order to download and read the books via WiFi or a SIM card in the iPad2. You would use the Safari browser to log into the Amazon Account that the purchased books that have been gifted to you were bought from.

In so far as videos for your version of Kindle, given that you don't know what version you have, then YouTube has a host of videos on using Kindle with an iPad2.  Here's a couple you can look at.



Just search YouTube for Kindle on iPad2 to find more.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew

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Jackie ManCommented:
I have an old iPad which is running iOS 9.3.5 and have Kindle app removed long long ago.

The reason is simple. Kindle app is not comptabile to iDevices which are running old iOS version and even if you have already have the old Kindle app installed, you cannot login to your Amazon Kindle account in your Kindle app.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
But can the app read the new docs created by Kindle.
Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
But can the app read the new docs created by Kindle.

Jegajothy, Kindle is just an "app" to read books formatted for "Kindle devices" using an iPhone or iPad deice. The docs are not "created" by kindle - it is just a reading app of books that can be purchased in that particular digital format from places like Amazon.

For example - look here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/kindle/id302584613?mt=8  - That's an example of a Kindle "App"

Look here for an example of what a Kindle "Device" is: https://www.amazon.com.au/b?ie=UTF8&node=3934158051

The Kindle App on an iPad is designed to read electronic books in a Kindle released format. The books must be purchased from somewhere like Amazon and then downloaded to be read. If they are not already saved to the iPad, then you can use a browser like Safari to access the Account where the books were purchased, download them to your iPad and then read them using the Kindle App on your iPad.

That's why you need to have either access to an Amazon account that has purchased the books, (or other store like Audible.com where I actually purchase my eBooks from) so that you can download them, or you can access any purchased books already downloaded and saved on the iPad you were gifted.

I've so many books in my library, I leave most of my collection up in the cloud or I'd soon run out of space on my iPad 2, though I gave up on Kindle and started using Audible's app to listen instead of read, so I download mine in Audio format these days. Much easier to read in bed with the lights out or while driving :)

Ask the person who gifted the iPad to you to show you how to access the books that were already downloaded to the iPad, or for the account details of where you can re-download them. You should have a "Device" button in the Kindle App on your iPad to search for books already saved to the iPad.

Make sense?
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u both
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