Need a junk-call blocker for VOIP and Land Lines

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Several clients have expressed an interest in getting a blocking service to prevent junk phone calls from being received on their land lines.

Is there a filtering service that can work with VOIP provided by  Xfinity, FIOS, Optimum Online, and other providers?
Is there one for those using copper wiring?

I have been using RoboKiller on my iPhone, and I've been happy with that service.
Something like that for land lines would be great.

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Junk calls are a plague on the face of the earth, but it is impossible to block junk calls on POTS lines because the only indication of who is calling is Caller ID, and it is easy to spoof Caller ID.

There is an FCC proposal to bring out a new, unspoofable caller identification system called SHAKEN/STIR, but it will be some years before it comes into use -- even if it is approved.  I/M/O, it is likely that it will be fought all the way by mass marketers.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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You need hardware to block junk calls from landline and voip.
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Usually the answer is there's no way to do this.

With Google Fiber (and some other VOIP systems), you can let all calls roll to voicemail.

Then every day process your voicemail, flagging messages as SPAM.

This will reduce SPAM calls + as Dr. Klahn said, no good way to do this across many services.

You can use a hardware blocker like Jackie mentioned. They work... less then you'll like... Normally they have several drawbacks.

1) They come with only preloaded numbers.

2) Many can't be updated or require manual intervention (human) to install updates. Look for one which auto updates, if you use these.

3) Most only block numbers if you hit the block now button while the call is live (incoming). Look for one which allows blocking last call(s), so if you pickup + have a SPAM call, you can block it after call is picked up.
atlas_shudderedSr. Network Engineer

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