Is Python a suitable language for a game client?

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I'm curious..

I have made a few network game projects w help of sporadic legends on this site.

Now, a Python network game.

It seems Pygame can do adequate 2D gaming, side scroller / maze etc
How about a networking game client?
It looks like all the usual abilities are available.
I might make my server in Java, but my game clients in Python?

A plan?
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Python execution speed is on par with java (using a vm).
Both compile to intermediate code and execute that.

If heavy calculations are done (graphics transformations etc.) a compiled language like C, C++ etc. might be preferred.
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I'm going to go with a compiled language - Javascript
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Java script also is an interpreted languave using a VM.
Most scripted languages are.  (npm / nodejs is the VM executor).

Perl, python, java, javascript, webassembly, php various .net all are interpreted/compiled languaged based on a VM design.
(some of those languages can store the intermediate results as a kind of object file, but those are not machine language instructions).

C, Fortran, Cobol,  etc. are mostly compiled down to machine language of the platform it runs on.

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