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i am having problem of understanding get-process out put.
Get-Process | Select-Object -First 5
Which column we must be concerned with, is it NPM or PM or WS?
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Can you please rephrase your question, what are you actually trying to achieve?

NPM is "Non-paged memory"

PM is "paged memory"

and WS is your working set.

I mean, whhat are you wanting to find? WS is your working set memory.
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The application is slow on the server so I want to know which process is taking too much resources? i get the meaning of PM,WS, NPM ,but they all have value.
Should i take WS as the reference and decide whichever process is taking too much WS then it has the problem?
Well, not really..... This is so far from a valid diagnostic tests it's not even worth doing.

When you say your application server is slow, what application, what hardware is it running on, is it virtual, is it hosting a website? If it's hosting a website is it using application pools. Do they need to be recycled. etc etc etc.

First thing is to use perfmon to actually monitor your memory and processor usage

That's an ok start, I need to know more though.


I am aware of the performance Mon.
This is something i am trying get process info in a particular time.
you can execute get-process remotely on a server to find out what process is taking too much time and CPU.
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