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Missing Office 365 emails

We have Office 365 and appear to be missing nearly a year of emails.  March 15, 2019 starts a gap to Feb 18, 2018.

If I search for received: February the emails will appear.

If I remove that search they go missing again.

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check from webmail owa if all mails are there

If yes, then change your account settings in outlook to view all emails through slider bar
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Firstly, I was mistaken... the emails that appear from Feb are Sent emails.

What slide bar Mahesh?
Go to file \ account settings \ account settings
There you will find slider bar, check if its set for less than month or so.
check if mails are not moved in to PST
No joy... no psts on the computer at all.
what about webmail, did you checked?
Yes... emails are missing from webmail as well.  Turns out that at least 2 other people are having the same issue.
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It also might be a good idea to check if the items are still on the servers. They might have been accidentaly deleted. Running the following cmdlet:
Search-Mailbox -Identity <affected mailbox> -SearchQuery 'received:03/18/2018..03/15/2019' -EstimateResultOnly
This query will allow you to see if the emails are still available for recovery. Replacing -EstimateResultOnly with -TargetMailbox & -TargetFolder attributes will let you recover the emails to the mailbox & folder you point to. Alternatively, you can do the same thing with eDiscovery: How to export Office 365 data to PST with eDiscovery
MS Support had to get involved.  Did a content search online to find the missing email, exported it and then imported back into Outlook (thusly Office 365).