Files and folders created on MAC automatically configured for permissions for both administrators

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I would like to ensure that any folders or files created on a MAC always have full access to both administrators that use the MAC.
It seems that a folder was created however the permission on the folder was only based on the user that was accessing the MAC at that time, that was logged in.
I would like the permissions to show for both Admins - and I would like this automatically configured for any and all files and folders that are created on the MAC.
Is this possible?
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Since OS X is unix, you can set the default umask and the default groups to both users to be the same.  Both users should already be in the same staff group, so you only need to set the umask to 002 instead of the default 022 and they'll have read and write permissions to each other's files.

Run this for the user
launchctl config user umask 002

If you want to set it systemwide
launchctl config system umask 002

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