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Recurring Access MDB data corruption

Recurring Access MDB data corruption

I am upgrading a Access 2003 application to Access 2016 for a client.  The application has about 8 - 12 users.

For the last nine years each user had their local copy of the FE mdb.  The data MDB resided on the server and all user were linked to it.  Nine years, no corruption issues.

During that time all users had Access 2007 and Windows 7 installed on their local machines.

The client wants to move to Win 10/ Access 2016.

I upgrade the FE application to an accdb.  Most functionality in the application stayed the same but some of the functionality, mostly the export of reports in preview mode had ot be revised since the old Access 2003 'Export' threw an error in Access 2013 and 2016.

I wanted to a controlled rollout to find any problems in the Accdb prior to rolling it out to all users.  The client purchased two WIn 10/Access 2016 machines.  I installed the upgraded application on those machines.  The backend DB is still and MDB.    All users (Win 7/Access 2007) and WIn 10 Access 2016) connect to the same backend MDB

The first couple of days went smoothly with about 7 users on the old Win 7/Access 2007 version and 2 user on the new Win10/2016 versionbut now their seems ot be a data corruption issue almost daily.  The users get '3343 Unrecognized database format'.

Given this scenario, does anyone see a reason this issue is occurring?

Several imes in the past I have had clients with a mix operating systems and Access versions on front end machines connected to the same backend DB without issue.  This occurred mostly when the client was transitioning to new versions but didn't get all of the machines at the same time.

This is becoming a real problem, any help or insight would be appreciated.
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<<Given this scenario, does anyone see a reason this issue is occurring?>>

 There currently is a bug in Win 10 after build 1802 in regards to SMB 2/3.

 Forgive me, but I can't remember if we've already gone over this with you:

 Have you disabled leasing?

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Daniel Pineault

This is a bug cause by a Windows 10 update that we've been waiting on Microsoft to resolve for 9-10+ months now.  See for info and links to the only workaround currently available.
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Thanks, all great information and exactly what the client is encountering.  I will forward the information to the Vendor that maintains the hardware/communications/network.