Hyperlink encoding space as %2520 instead of %20 not sure why?  (Need a work around)

Rog D
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I have an asp.net web application with a grid.  One column has a bulleted list with displaytype as Hyperlink. It is databound. I return some folder paths in this list. If the path is a share on a server all works find as example 1.

In example 1 the spaces are replace by %20.

But for some reason in Example 2 when the actual drive letter is used the spaces are replaced by %2520 which then does not work.



What causes this %2520 to happen? In example 1 with %20 the link works.

It looks like an encoding issue in the Bulleted list Hyperlink. It is adding the %2520 on the Example 2.


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The way you get %2520 is when your url already has a %20 in it, and gets urlencoded again, which transforms the %20 to %2520.

Are you (or any framework you might be using) double encoding characters?

Edit: Expanding a bit on this, especially for LOCAL links. Assuming you want to link to the resource C:\my path\my file.html:

if you provide a local file path only, the browser is expected to encode and protect all characters given (in the above, you should give it with spaces as shown, since % is a valid filename character and as such it will be encoded) when converting to a proper URL (see next point).
if you provide a URL with the file:// protocol, you are basically stating that you have taken all precautions and encoded what needs encoding, the rest should be treated as special characters. In the above example, you should thus provide file:///c:/my%20path/my%20file.html. Aside from fixing slashes, clients should not encode characters here.
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Thanks for your insight to the File://  I will be trying this and testing this out.


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