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MS Access 2016, 32 bit or 64 bit?

I am upgrading a client's legacy Access 2003 application.  We are using the 2016 version of MS Access.

I recommended the IT people install the 32 bit version of Access 2016 instead of the 64 bit version.  Based on my experience and other developers experience I have always specified the 32 bit version.  I've even read that Microsoft also recommended using 32 bit.

IT responded that within the last couple months Microsoft has changed their recomendation to 64 bit.

Have any of you heard that?

Even if it's true does it only apply to the 2019 version of Office?  In this case we are using Access 2016.  I'm not sure if the recommendation would extend backward.
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Till Office 2016, indeed the MS recommendation was to install the 32 Bit version.
This has changed with Office 2019, where the default is 64 bit.
I would use caution installing the 64 bit version.  Compatibility is still an issue, especially if using plugins.  Note that Office 2019 is hobbled compared to 2016 and O365.  This, I believe and have read, is to "encourage" users to go straight to O365.  Microsoft's recommendations are tinged with their desire for everyone to move to 365.
At this point for most applications, 32-bit works fine.

If you choose to use the 64-bit version (which also works fine and allows more memory), make sure connecting products (Adobe springs to mind) are also 64-bit
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Yes, 64 is now the default install for Office.   In regards to Access, this will break some apps, which will require conversion.  In some cases though, that might not be possible because of 3rd party controls or dll's.

In that case, you'll still need 32 bit.   The issue however is that from A2013 and up, you can no longer mix 32 and 64 bit installs.  A2010 is the last version that you can run 32 bit and then 64 bit in a later.

 The reason that Microsoft is pushing 64 bit is that the memory footprint of Office (and Access) is getting bigger.  Because Access is not large address aware, it's starting to run out of process address space, which is limited to 2GB (no matter how much memory the PC has).

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Thanks for all of the input and references.  In this case, since it's a legacy app originally developed in Access 2003 I'm sticking with Access 2016 32 bit.
Ok.  Glad to help.  I know I have several ActiveX plugins that require a 32bit version.
The world of 64-bit Access/Office is here.  Better at least have an action plan for using it.  You may no longer have a choice of using 32 or 64-bit.  You'll be going thru the same issues with 64-bit when 128-bit comes along.....