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File Permission After domain Change

Need a clarification on domain name change.

Consider I have an existing domain of ABC.com and i am building another server as primary domain DEF.com.
I have a file server joined to ABC.com with file permissions set. I am now joining this file server to DEF.com.

PS - DEF.com domain has the same set of users in Active Directory.

Now, My question is will the file permission be the same for DEF.com after joining the file server from ABC.com to DEF.com.

Kindly advise...
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EE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
No, the security identifiers used to specify which groups have access will be different between the two domains.

If you set up a trust between ABC and DEF, the existing security will continue to work, but if you pull the file server off ABC and join it to DEF, all the security access will break.
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