how to remote into a mac from a mac

what is the best way to remote into a mac from another mac with having control and without having to use teamviewer as its block via policy.
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Martin NguyenHelpDesk TechnicianCommented:
Hi ttbrtsn,
You can enable Screen Sharing through Mojave to log into other Macs and have control of their desktop.
You'll want to go to Sharing under System Preferences and enable it.
Then from the Mac you are using you should be able to find the Mac, or enter its IP/Domain to connect.

Hope this helps,
Screen Sharing is low encryption VNC and it works only on a LAN.  If you need to connect from outside your network, you'll need to use something else or configure port forwarding to get it on the internet.  However, screen sharing is not very secure, so you should only do it on a network that you trust.

Remote Management is also screen sharing, but uses better encryption.  You will need to buy the $79 Apple Remote Desktop to connect to it.  Even with the encryption, I don't recommend leaving VNC open on the internet.

What is it that you wish to do?  If TeamViewer is blocked by policy, it's possible that Screen Sharing may be blocked as well.
Martin NguyenHelpDesk TechnicianCommented:
Thanks for the additional info serialband! I'll keep that in mind regarding Screen Sharing.
ttrbrtsnAuthor Commented:
Its to support end users on same lan. I did see where i click GO in finder > connect to server, i used the vnc://.
If it's just for support, and you only need to view the screen, you can use apple messages and them Invite you as a "buddie" to share the screen.  This will work for remote connections as well.  You will need an account.
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