Outlook crashing on reply to a Gmail or Hotmail email

Our company is setup with Exchange email and all users are using Outlook to edit and send emails.
This has been confirmed to appen at least on Windows 7 64 bit PCs, both on 32bit and 64bit MsOffice.
I have observed the following scenario to occur regularly, across number of Outlook releases (from 2010 in the last years to 2016 we use now).
The problem is guaranteed to occur at some stage when you will be replying to an email received from a gmail email user. Sometimes this will also be a case for replies from a Hotmail email. Generally I think this is something to do with a thread of an email as previously quoted thread of an email is attached to the bottom of the message by such (gmail or hotmail) mailbox user.
Such email would usually be a handful of replies forth and back between ourselves and the sender. First one is never going to fail. The longer the thread of attached emails the greater chances of us encountering the problem.
What happens is:
Replying to such email will freeze Outlook and ALL subwindows of Outlook indefinitely. Now, this freezing can happen immediately OR a couple of minutes into you happily typing the text of your reply. When it does freeze, you will not be able to switch between open Outlook messages, windows - nothing.
The only way to carry on is to go via Task Manager , terminate Outlook and hoping it will recover message you've been typing.

The quick (and barely acceptable) quick fix is: opening such email message (say you know this particular email caused the crash) and quickly advancing down the message in order to  highlight and remove anything older than a few messages (replies) down , only leaving say five of them to be safe.

I wonder if anyone ever encountered anything as annoying and troublesome as this.

And if there's anything you can do to prevent Outlook from crashing.

I am aware you can get Outlook to not include text of a previous emails, with a good chance of this not happening, however this is not an acceptable solution for our users.
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Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Have you checked the event log of your Exchange server?
DominicAuthor Commented:
No, sorry logs are not available for us. Exchange is hosted by a reputable third party not inhouse.
Entire message is downloaded onto Outlook before opened.
I doubt this is anything to do with Exchange itself.
Jackie Man IT ManagerCommented:
Have you tried to start outlook in safe mode to do a test?
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