3rd party app that will allow me to open and edit a word document saved on a server

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HI, I need to provide a solution to edit word and excel docs from an ipad pro and the files are stored on a windows 2012 server.
I have install FE explorer and word.

FE explorer allows me to open the word doc in a view format, then i can tell it I want to edit the doc, which word then opens and wants to make a copy.
this is the bit I don't won't.

Within word, it does not allow me to see the server share folder.

We do not have sharepoint or any other cloud based storage.

Do you know of any 3rd party app that will allow me to open and edit a word document saved on a server ?
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Robert PerezFront-end Developer

Hey Total123,

One app i've used before is Documents. Since you have a windows server you can set it up to connect to its public IP. Secondly, You can use Microsoft's remote desktop app, but of course that requires you have permission to remote into the server.  Lastly, you could set up something like Dropbox on the server and send your work email an invitation from the server.

Best of luck!

There are several apps on iOS which can open MS Word documents .. however if Word for iOS is installed I think it is the preferred option.

Apple have their own word processor app called PAGES .. its free on the App Store and can open Word files.

There are a couple of other FREE ones such as "OnlyOffice" - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onlyoffice-documents/id944896972?mt=8 but I've not used them and cannot comment on how well they work.

There are several others such as 'Documents' mentioned by Robert and 'Docs To Go Pro' and 'Polaris Office' which cost a few $$ but again I cannot comment on how well they work.

To date I've used PAGES and WORD for iOS for all my requirements


Hi, Thanks for both your advice.

The issue i have with word when opening a word or excel doc from the server folder share. Is that it opens in read only, but when i want to edit it, it wants to make a local copy. Obviously in a work environment, we don't want copies of files everywhere.

We also can't look at cloud storage solutions as we are running 1.5Tb of data.
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You cannot edit without taking a copy of the file in effect onto the device.  Apps on iOS are sandboxed and rely on a local storage model to allow apps to work and edit files .. I'm not aware of any way to EDIT a file over a remote connection on iOS ..

The options are

1. REMOTE DESKTOP type solution where you work on a device on your LAN remotely and therefore the files never leave your local network.
2. You have some form of corporate OneDrive cloud account which you trust and it will allow you to work on files offline on certain devices such as your iPad.


thanks eoin. In which case, I'm going to put forward to the boss to not look at ipads and to look at surfaces instead.
Are you sure you can do what you want on an MS Surface device?
Clearly if you stick to the Microsoft eco-system your options are more integrated.


I'm trialling foldr at the moment. Demo was really good.
It sort of makes your on prem folders cloud based like one drive.

I'll report back on success
Ended up using Foldr

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