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Hi Experts,

We are moving to a new Mitel Cloud service and have IP485G phones.

I setup a VLAN on our switches along with a DHCP scope on a windows 2012r2 DC.

We receive the correct IP, router, dns  from the VOIP VLAN but the option .156 is not populating in order to get config files and firmware updates.

I am using the string below configServers=""  

Thank You
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How did you determine that the DHCP option is not being received by the phones ?

Does the new VLAN you created have a route to the Internet ?


The DHCP Scope is being applied except for the .156 string. I do not see  the firmware updating is why i do not think it is working correctly, firmware is not current.

Yes VLAN is routed.

It would be unusual for a DHCP option to be ignored. As you are usign a hostname instead of an IP address, could it be a DNS issue, such as not being able to reach the DNS server defined in DHCP ?


It is working now, the string was not correct

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